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Natasha Fahbod - @lashbytasha

What got you into the lash industry?
I’ve always had a passion for makeup, lashes, brows and anything beauty related. I was inspired by Michelle (Lumiilashes) to start my own brand as I’ve been following her page since the start of her journey. I wanted to create my own business and live life on my own terms while working on something I’m passionate about. 
What is your favorite lash set you've done and why?
This is my favourite full volume set I’ve ever created. Initially, I wanted to specialize only in classic lashes because volume was too difficult to learn. You can’t wake up one day and learn a new skill overnight, you need to work for it. I stayed up late every night for months and I practiced the different techniques of volume lashes. I finally became that person I’ve looked up to and this photo represents the hard work and talent that I worked for. 
Fun facts about Tasha: 
I love hiking, running & enjoying the sun. I’ve ran three half km marathons and love going for morning runs in the summer. I am an early riser, I will naturally wake up at 6:30am ready to start my day! I hate to say that I have winter depression, I get extremely sick every December, feeling unmotivated and hate the cold weather. You can say I have two personalities in one year. 😅

Madison Nguyen - @upgradelab_

What got you into the lash industry? 
When I was 16 yrs old in school, competitively dancing, hosting at a restaurant, and training in the hair program at high school. I was so eager to start working in the beauty industry. I wanted to make a brand for myself that would build my clientele and benefit me for when I graduated hair school. So I decided to start lashing and named my brand “MadiLash beauty” now called “Upgrade Lab” . I now am able to provide more beauty services like lashes, powder ombré brows and hair!
Your favourite set and why!
This is one of my fav set because, the cat eye and the density just go so perfect with her eyes & face shape. A Natural n dense Look
 Fun facts about Madi:
I was a figure skater for 10 yrs. I danced on World of Dance Season 3 in LA. My first time on a plane was me travelling to Barcelona by myself for a dance intensive with dancers across Canada + first time outside of Canada.

Emily Pascual - @em.jstudio

What got you into the lash industry? 
Eyes are usually the first feature I'll typically notice on someone. For someone who's super introverted and avoids eye contact... I love eyes! Eyes are the window to the soul and you can tell a lot by how someone's feeling through their eyes, if not their body language. Why not compliment their eyes with eyelash extensions? Lengthening or adding volume to lashes enhances the eyes. I loved how it made me feel when I first got my lashes done back in 2017 (by Michelle!), as well as it reduces my time to get ready in the morning. I wanted others to feel the same way! It's also super rewarding when I hear my clients saying how they love their sets and how beautiful they feel. 
What is your favorite lash set you've done and why?  
This is my favourite lash photo because I love volume lashes and how customizable they can be: half volume to mega volume, natural length to staggered lengths, etc. In this photo, I covered about 70% of my client's lashes, but it looks like 90-100% full as she’s got a lot of lashes. Look at her eye colour too!  
Fun facts about Emily
I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking (especially with my Labrador), going for early morning or evening walks, snowboarding, camping, etc. - I'm an early bird! I wake up around 5 am every day (even on my days off and even if I sleep at 1 am, the latest I'll get up is 7:30 am).

Sophie Quilatan -@lashnglowbysoph

What got you into the lash industry?   
I started lashing because I love helping people feel good about themselves while also booting their confidence. I wanted to share the feeling of having lash extensions so I decided to learn this craft and share it to others around me
Your favourite set and why!
This is one of my favourite sets because it’s super wispy and because of the small cat eye detail and the end :) 
Fun facts about Soph
I love to dance and I have been a competitive dancer since I was 11 years old!

Taylor Ogilivie - @lashmyassoff

What got you into the lash indusry?
What got me started in doing lashes was getting lashes! I had been getting my lashes done for over 4 years and I was always so interested in the process and would watch YouTube videos on it for fun. Then one day when Michelle was doing my eyelashes we talked about that & next thing I knew I was taking the course and getting certified! 😻 
Your favorite lash set you've done and why!
 Ahh so hard to pick.. but I gotta go with my most recent set! Not only do I feel like it’s my personal best in terms of application but it was the most fun for me in my lash career thus far! 
 Fun facts about Tay:
I’m about to start the process of getting my esthetician license so I can one day open up my dream salon in Los Angeles! 🌴 & a fun fact is that my initials spell “TACO” 😹🌮

Kim Alejo - @lavishlashin

What got you into the lash industry?
I started lashing because I was inspired by a friend who had learnt as well. She had told me how therapeutic it was to her and it may be for me as well so I decided to learn! 
Your favorite lash set you've done and why!
I have a lot of favourite sets but this is one of them! I love creating such fluffy and voluminous sets while still maintaining a clean look. 
Fun facts about Kim
My favourite foods are: pasta & sushi! I’m also currently in school trying to be a RN!

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